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Too Blessed to be Stressed: The Believer’s Guide to Stress Reduction

This dynamic workshop covers the principles of stress management by reflecting on the practice of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Effective management lies in understanding the constituent parts and nature of the elements of stress.

Learn how to identify, manage, and combat negative stress elements.

  • We cover:
    The 4 principle theory of stress – the Sunnah of the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wa sallam,
  • Understanding stress: the behavioural view, identifying stressors, symptoms of stress, vulnerability to stress, identifying challenging and changing negative thoughts.
  • Developing the soul to deal with stress: mindset of the believer, 30 days to spiritual happiness, the believer’s method for mastering stress.
  • Du’aa: the weapon of a believer

The course offers a fusion of relaxation techniques and exercises, stimulation of dealing with fight and flight responses, and empowering affirmations to maintain a calm and neutral state.


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Development of a Muslimah: Living The Legacy

With more than 2,000 course participants having benefitted, the Development of a Muslimah course has proven itself as an effective self-improvement program. As the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has taught, Ihsaan or the continuous improvement of one’s self is the goal of every believer.

The essence of Dhikr, building our relationship with Allah, is a crucial step in making our hearts and souls shine again with His Divine Light.

In this course, we cover:

The stages of positive development, personal responsibility, sustaining will-power, reliance on Allah Ta’ala, time management, sustained awareness of Allah Ta’ala, dealing with confrontation and guilt, your relationship with Allah Ta’ala, and your meeting with Him.


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Development of a Mu’allimah: The Noblest Profession

This is an interactive, inspiring self-discovery workshop addressing the needs and concerns of one of society’s most important members: Teachers.

Goals of this workshop:

The Prophetic teaching model & its application in today’s time

  • To recognise & assess the sources of stress
  • To understand the importance of emotional strength, utilising affirmation cards & positive thinking
  • Review varied & innovative techniques to enhance the effectiveness of learning

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Soul Sparks

Soul Sparks : A 4 – week Qur’anic immersion course that explores the healing properties in the Divine Speech. A fusion of healing techniques, authentic sources and classical methodology to invigorate the inner self on the path to Qur’anic living.

Rayhaanah Omar has been teaching Quran memorisation for 20 years and is a skilled therapist and coach helping students unblock their recitation and life challenges through a somatic experience with the Quran.


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Ready, Steady…Ramadan! A Course on Ramadan Readiness

Numerous blessings of Ramadan have been impressed upon us through the Glorious Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Muslims of the past were excited and anxious as this blessed month approached, as they were unsure whether they would be able to take full advantage of its gifts before it passed. With sincerity, they ushered it in as a visitor and treated it as a most beloved guest for everyone one of its days. With modern life challenges, how can you and I can get ready for Ramadan?   Join our workshop on Ramadan readiness in preparation for its arrival. We cover Imam Rajab Al Hanbali’s treatise on Ramadan, progressing from abstention to appreciation and Taqwa. Equip yourself with a Ramadan battle plan for improving your approach to Ramadan, year after year.


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Towards A Spiritual Revolution

Allamah Iqbal stated: “Be aware of your own worth, use all of your power to achieve it. Create an ocean from a dewdrop. Do not beg for light from the moon, obtain it from the spark within you!”                     

How do we access the understanding of our true self-worth? Our circumstance, support structure, but more often our limiting beliefs keep us from lighting the spark from within. In this course, we learn how to identify and be creative with our aspirations, aligning them to the final goal of every believer. We learn to inspire ourselves by recognizing and appreciating Allah’s Guidance. Ultimately, we learn to enhance our unique abilities to achieve closeness to our Creator.


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Roses Amidst Thorns

This is an enlightening self-growth workshop for Muslim women that incorporate positive thinking, goal planning, and visualization techniques.

Self-development for a believer requires the understanding of Taqwa and recognition of Allah’s Power. The beauty of a rose lies not just in its shape or smell, but the fact that it has bloomed amongst sharp thorns. The road to self-growth requires forbearance, and spiritual aptitude. Join us to learn more.


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Discovering Your Unique Voice

Discovering Your Unique Voice is a tiered and tailored voice elocution, articulation, accentuating and confidence building program exclusively for women. The unique vocal patterns, pitch, and resonance of a female voice requires specific training techniques.

Our skills in vocal training, public speaking, and professional presentation have been tried and tested for more than 20 years.

Aspects of the complete program have been used to train corporate leaders, professional public speakers, newsreaders, and numerous media personalities.

The program is conducted by an award-winning media personality and elocution specialist. Her techniques have empowered hundreds of women in identifying and harnessing the power of their true voice. As radio presenter, she has clocked in more than 10,000 hours of on-air radio programs, broadcasted internationally, through global and local community stations.

The complete program is separated into 3 stand-alone levels:

Level 1: The Confident Speaker

This course is tailored for anyone intending to become more confident in their English speaking skills, using suitable vocabulary, intonation, sincere expression, and voice modulation. We have specially designed this content for first and second language English speakers through different modules.

Learn how to articulate your opinions and express yourself with clarity and brevity through internationally accepted methodology.

This is an essential course for anyone who intends to release her true voice, in both the domestic and corporate environments.

Contact us for more information on this course and how to improve your life.

Level 2: The Public Speaker


Level 3: The Professional Speaker



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The duration for courses can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements, based on your company or personal needs. A male trainer can be made available depending on participation dynamics.