A beautiful patience
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A beautiful patience

🌳🌳🌳 Jumu’ah Reflections 🌳🌳🌳 There are some types of grief that weigh on the heart, that if they were to be felt by a mountain, that mountain would crumble to the ground…

When Prophet Muhammad (saw) lost his beloved son Ibrahim, he held his small body in his arms and said “The eyes send their tears and the heart is saddened, but we do not say anything except that which pleases our Lord. Indeed, O Ibrahim, we are bereaved by your departure from us.” The human heart is just a small, fragile piece of flesh – but with patience, it is able to carry the kind of pain that would cause a mountain to disintegrate.
Patience only comes with great struggle and difficulty. It is like trying to grasp and hold onto a strong and fast-swimming fish with your bare hands. You may succeed for a moment or two, but if you are not vigilant, it will escape from grip just as quickly as it came. And how desperate is our need for patience.

Patience doesn’t mean to just ‘wait out’ the pain. It doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand until the storm has ended and you can be sure safely re-emerge into life.
And patience isn’t peaceful – at least not at first.
Patience will extinguish the fire, lift the weighty burden, and lead you to dry land. Not because you have been exceptionally good or are intrinsically worthy of being healed. Rather, it is because Allah (swt) has promised:
With difficulty, there is ease.
And Allah (swt) never breaks this promise to those who honour the covenant. [shared by sis Farhana khamissa]

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