Beyond Ramadan
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Beyond Ramadan

Traditionally, most of Malaysia is beautifully decorated ahead of the Eidul Fitr / Raya in glittery, sparkly shades of mainly green and festive gold : homes and Malls, even cars and government administration offices.
The start of Shawwal, commencing with the day of Eid, symbolises hope and faith, and a clean slate, a new start after a month of reflection, introspection and beneficial change. It is a month of ‘balik kampung’, ‘open house’, and the coming together of family, friends and community. Blessings upon Blessings.
This week I’ve noticed, rather wistfully, the festive decor and lights being dismantled and stored away.
We may, Allah Willing, see them 10 months’ from now. May we be given life, glowing health and inspired faith to do so.
And I can’t help but wonder : are we doing all we can to keep our HEARTS glowing and shining, bright and beautiful?
Where are the lessons of the Ramadan that recently left us?
Is it the forgotten guest, or the honoured gift which continues to perfume our lives?


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