TAOR’S 2017 in-review
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TAOR’S 2017 in-review


Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu,

Beloved friends,

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back at the last quarter with immense gratitude to The Most High.
AlHumdulillah, The Art of Resonance launched in Ramadan 1438 AH, and we have since then been blessed with beautiful openings and opportunities.

Following the development of an online presence via our website – amongst other milestones – we :

  • Established 2 offices in Peninsular Malaysia
  • Successfully concluded a year-long course (in Halaqah format) on Salahuddeen Al Ayyoubi, in our Rediscovering Our Islamic History Series
  • Curated audio productions and radio broadcasts available for download on our exclusive Sound Cloud account
  • Were appointed as coordinator of the UK Haafidhaat Network
  • Structured ‘Quran Clinic’ : a revolutionary concept developed to empower and counsel believers along their individual Quran journeys, fusing healing modalities, positive psychology and Quranic resonance
  • Presented our inaugural  Hifdh Hearts: Quran Memorization 101 workshop  – an enlightening foundation course on the basics of tahfeedhul Quran
  • Debuted Soul Sparks at Elements of Healing Home :  A dynamic Quranic immersion journey that explores the healing properties in the Divine Speech, seeking to invigorate the inner-self on the path to Quran-based living
  • Have participated at conferences and hosted on radio interviews about The Art of Resonance.

During this year, we have been blessed to make new friends, establish partners and affiliates in our expanding network, and are looking forward to what 2018 holds for us.
InshaAllah, we return to our ‘creativity caves’ by mid-January 2018, recharged and ready to share, empower, and nurture with new and exciting ventures!
We beseech Allah Ta’ala to forgive us our shortcomings and to accept our efforts, aameen.
With heartfelt gratitude The Art of Resonance team extends their appreciation for your support, duas, and encouragement: jazakAllahu Khayran!

Onwards, Upwards, and Inwards!


For bookings (online / onsite / group / personalized)  or to learn more about our courses, workshops, and consultancy services, please view our website: www.theartofresonance.co.uk
Would you like to book a session? Host us at an upcoming event? Network with us? We’d love to connect!
Bookings for 2018 open 15th January 2018, via email:  info@theartofresonance.co.uk


Hifdh hearts: Quran memorization 101
Hifdh hearts support group

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