3 things to remember
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3 things to remember

Remember 3 things ​…
*3 things* are nurtured in one place:
Flower, thorn, fragrance. ​
*3 things* everyone gets:
Happiness, sadness, death. ​
*3 things* everyone has different:
Appearance, character, fate. ​
*3 things* not to be taken lightly:
Sickness, debt, fardh actions. ​
*3 things* not to be rejected:
Halaal Invitation, gift, mashwarah. ​
*3 things* everyone should adopt:
Patience, thankfullness, halaal sustenance. ​
*3 things* to be remembered:
Advice, favour, death. ​
*3 things* to be always kept clean:
Body, clothes, thoughts. ​
*3 things* to be acquired:
Knowledge, character, trade / profession.
*3 things* refrain from:
Gossip, jeolousy, tale carrying. ​
*3 things* to be kept under control:
Tongue, anger, nafs. ​
*3 things* to stand up for:
Country, truth, honour.
*3 things* does not return:
Life, youth, time.
*3 things* has no substitute:
Parents, children, family.
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