Remaining Positive in a Negative Situation
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Remaining Positive in a Negative Situation

One of the questions I frequently receive from clients, is: ‘How can I remain positive when I find myself in a negative situation?’

– It’s a relevant question, and one that is very important if we are to fortify and develop our emotional intelligence –

Here are 5 basic empowering tools that may help you, too <3

* Begin by assessing whether you can: (a). control the situation, or (b). change how you react to the situation.
* Is this a situation that warrants / deserves MY emotional energy? In other words, is this worth getting upset over?
* What is the lesson for me to learn here?
* Is this making me a BETTER person? Hmmm…
* What are the positives I can take away from this situation?

Onwards, Upward, Inward!



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