The Confident Speaker: 3 Essential Components
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The Confident Speaker: 3 Essential Components

The Confident Speaker:
I’m often asked how one can develop confidence in public speaking. And it comes down to 3 essential components: 1. Confidence 2. Credibility 3. Charisma
When combined and applied, you are well onto your way of successful, expressive, and engaging public speaking!
The easiest way to develop confidence? – simply observe yourself, and the manner in which you already carry yourself in the public arena: what is the level of your enthusiasm, eye contact, tone or pitch of your voice, and your body language?
When you begin to notice the way in which you express yourself amongst those you’re comfortable with, this awareness and YOUR skill at communicating can now expand into how you interact on your academic or professional stage, too.
Give it a try! And you’ll be amazed at the TALENT & SKILL that’s already WITHIN YOU! 📷
Many speakers believe that the key to speaking confidently lies exclusively in their content. While this is true to some degree, it is not the sole explanation on what defines a confident, successful speaker.
And that’s where CREDIBILITY comes in: the 2nd of the 3 core components for The Confident Speaker:
The main caution here would be to refrain from bragging. Yes, you want to tell your audience why they should be listening to you, but doing so with masterly finesse is key, right?  🙂
Here are some tips that may help: – Tell the audience your full name and title (if this applies), – Come to the meeting / conference / platform having researched your topic thoroughly, – Be sincere AND passionate about your topic
– Charisma is often defined as the ‘presence’ of an individual. Yet, more than anything else, Charisma is actually about you & I being ‘present’: being aware, mindful and present of your audience, of how they’re absorbing or responding to your presentation. Charisma is a by-product of distinguished speakers who have learnt to become fully present with their audience or listeners.
– Develop Charisma by: 1. Being YOU, 2. Being more interested in how your audience is doing, and not only yourself as an individual (there will be time to self-assess later) 3. Pay close attention to what’s happening around you (body language of the audience, stage props, prompter’s notices, etc.)
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