Empowerment Vs. Entitlement
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Empowerment Vs. Entitlement


When faced with conflict or a problem to solve, do you ever feel confused about the best action to take, or not take?

Do you fear that what you say or do will make matters worse, when what you really want is relief?

With the best intentions, many people do not understand the distinction between empowerment and entitlement.

They are NOT the same thing!

Understanding this distinction can help you make choices that strengthen connection, understanding and creativity in your most important relationships, rather than behaving in ways that may leave everyone feeling alienated and embittered.

Entitled behavior is often driven by fear and the impulse to protect oneself.

Empowered behavior is often driven by love and the impulse to open communication and create deeper levels of safety for self and other.



6 Ways Entitlement Shows Up:

  • Your thoughts and speech are peppered with the word “should”.
  • You assume that others will know what you want and give you what you need, without communicating your desires and needs.
  • You complain about and judge others who do not think or behave exactly as you do.
  • When experiencing conflict or displeasure you react with the desire to be “right” rather than the intention to co-create new possibilities.
  • You live in your knowledge and identification with knowing, rather than in curiosity and unanticipated discovery.
  • Your decisions about your relationships and your business are driven by fear, as in “if I don’t do this, I won’t get that”.


6 Ways Empowerment Shows Up:

  • You take 100% responsibility for what you say, feel and do.
  • You communicate with transparency and respect for both yourself and the other.
  • You focus your attention on what you can control, rather than what you cannot control.
  • You live and work in integrity; meaning that what you think, what you feel and what you do are one and the same.
  • You are proactive and creative; you trust that there is a natural solution to every problem, to be discovered.
  • You make decisions about your life and your business based on love, as in “which step feels inspired and expansive”.

When you’re triggered, choosing to think and behave in an empowered way requires courage.

And, the rewards are priceless!



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