Growth Mindsets: welcoming in a new week
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Growth Mindsets: welcoming in a new week


9 Things You Can Do Today (And Every Other Day)



  1. Today, remember that you can only start achieving when you choose to stop complaining.


  1. Today, remember that in life you must forgive as much as you would like to be forgiven.


  1. Today, take just 1 step towards your dreams. Slowly but surely, you will reach the top of your mountain.


  1. Today, remember that life isn’t a competition. You’re not here to prove you’re better or more intelligent than others.


  1. Today, remember that at the end of the journey of life only a few things will matter. Pay little attention to the things that won’t.


  1. Today, show the people in your life how much you appreciate them. They won’t be around forever & neither will you.


  1. Today, keep in mind that having vague goals will bring you vague results. Have a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve in life.


  1. Today, remember that if you don’t forgive you can never truly live. Forgive more and you begin living more.


  1. Today, count the blessings you have; not those you don’t.
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