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A special thanks to those who traveled across the globe for vacations this summer and did not announce their arrival in airport X or resort Y, out of consideration for their friends’ feelings and circumstances.

A special thanks to those who visited the world’s fanciest hotels this summer and resisted the urge to share their current location.

A special thanks to those who express love to their spouses daily, without expressing to planet social media just how much they love them.

A special thanks to those who cook and host their relatives for dinner, with the intention of keeping family ties, and without flaunting her chef-skills and fancy dinette by uploading images of it all.

A special thanks to those who extend compassionate advice to our scholars, without sharing this scholar’s mistake on their pages and framing themselves as the fearless defenders of Islam.

A special thanks to the blessed folks who help the poor and needy on a daily basis, without documenting their every charity with endless images.

A special thanks to those who eat at restaurants more than they eat at home, but never photograph their meals like millionaires who cannot hide from the cameras.

A special thanks to the wealthy sister who does not showcase the name-brands of her wardrobe, nor saddens her friends’ hearts – not even with a snobbish glance – regarding the clothing they wear.

A special thanks to the young lady whose husband presents her with a gift, and she fights the urge to celebrate it among her friends, out of respect for their feelings and circumstances.

A special thanks to every pious Muslim who worships Allah and invokes Him in secret during his/her prostrations, more than he/she makes duaa on social media.

A special thanks to everyone who decided to be happy, and enjoy their happiness, and protect their happiness, by not broadcasting its details to others.


-Translated with adaptation
by: Mohamed AlShinawy

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