His Mercy!
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His Mercy!

The rahmah of Allah comes in different forms.
It doesn’t necessarily pour down on you like rain pours down on you. (And we pray the rahmah of Allah pours down upon us.)

But the reality is sometimes His rahmah towards us is subtle.

Sometimes, the tight spots that we are in, that are suffocating us; that is a tunnel leading to wide opening that is His rahmah.

One of His greatest forms of His rahmah, His mercy, is that He tries us with tribulations that drive us to Him, begging and crying, and in doing so we taste the sweetness of being close to Him, this is from His rahmah.

So you have to be observant of how His rahmah comes to you and where it comes to you from.

May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala have mercy on all of us.

[Abeer Sadary, al-Fatihah: Surat as-Salah]

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