What did sudden death teach me?
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What did sudden death teach me?


To devote myself and my deeds to my lord and not to care about people’s satisfaction.
That I should perform my Salah at its time, because I do not know if that Salah might be the last one or not.
That death is not only a path which we will all pass, but it is having an appointment time, even if you are righteous person.
That what I need to buy today I may not need it tomorrow, but what I need to read from the Qur’an today, I will be in need of it tomorrow. So I need to put the Qur’an in front of everything.
That I can hope to reach Ramadhaan, the season of obedience, Maghfirah *{forgiveness and repentance}* so as I can repent on those days.

But, I might never reach it. So I should repent today and ask forgiveness today, and when the season of forgiveness comes, my Reward will increase and if I do not reach that season, I would have taken precaution.
That I will not take anything with me except the Kafan *{Shroud}.* So congratulations to the one who spend his time in obeying his Lord and lightening his Qâbr *{Grave}* with the Qur’an. Because doing a good deed certainly comes back to you in a good way.
That the whole world with all that is in it, is really what Allah Says in the Qur’an: *{Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children}*
And nothing more but that.
That who lived on something will die on it. Let us commit ourselves in obeying our Creator so as it would be the last thing we do before departing this world.

To be ready to die at any time. To always make Tâubah *(Repent)* and return people’s rights, and to do more good deeds for my Âahkîrah.

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