Let it Go…
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Let it Go…

The day I removed blame from my life I TRULY liberated myself from giving power to others.
Whatever happened to you happened with Allah’s permission.
Learning lessons from it can help you staying away from this situation. When you blame others a part of you never heals and prevents you recovering completely on a sub conscious level.
You may need to seek some help if it’s challenging for you and it’s ok!!!
As long as you are willing to move forward, Allah will open the door of wisdom and knowledge for you.
Don’t hold on to grudges, pain, hurt and guilt(innocently or intentionally).
They are all thoughts .
Do what I do with thoughts(good, bad or neutral).
I either savour them or let them go like a helium balloon:)
Let it GO.
Let go of BLAME and watch miracles happening in your life God willing.
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