7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Being Judged
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7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Being Judged

Fearing what others think about us is a huge fear for most people. We consider how people will view our house, car, clothes, career, and vacation photos on social media. It’s questionable how many people are actually living an authentic life versus trying to impress their peers.

This is a trap.

At the end of the day, living a life with the primary intention of impressing others will leave you feeling empty and angry.

The best way to avoid the temptation to impress others is to overcome the fear of being judged.

Live life on your own terms with these strategies:

Avoid judging others. You assume that the things that you do and think about are the same things other people do and think about, but that’s not always true. You’ll be less prone to worrying about being judged if you stop judging others.

Deal with your inner critic. We wouldn’t be worried about other people judging us if we didn’t think about it. While the thoughts that pop into your mind are beyond your control, you do have the power to redirect your attention to more useful and supportive thoughts.

Catch yourself when you have a negative thought and think about something more positive, instead.

Avoid making comparisons to other people. Everyone is different. It’s impossible to make any comparisons to others that are 100% fair. You’re either being too kind to yourself or too hard on yourself.

It’s easier and more meaningful to just compare yourself today to yourself in the past. If you’re making progress, you’re doing very well.

Remember that it’s not really about you. People that judge you have issues.

●            They might be jealous.

●            They might be upset that your success is highlighting their lack of success.

●            They might be seeking attention.

●            They might just be unkind in general.

●            Regardless of their reason for judging you, ignore them and move on.

You’re always going to be judged regardless of what you do. No matter what pair of shoes you wear, some people will love them, and others will hate them. Every single thing you do and say will be appreciated by some and scorned by others. It’s a game you can’t win, so it will benefit you to refuse to play it.

The fear of being judged can be crippling to your happiness and sense of fulfillment. Everyone is going to judge you, but it doesn’t matter. The opinions of 99% of the people you know are completely irrelevant.

Instead of worrying about what others think, spend your time creating and building your life. Overcome your fear of being judged and live on your own terms. It’s the only way to live.

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