Four Mindset Changes to improve your life today
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Four Mindset Changes to improve your life today

1. Stop whining and complaining – focus on what is in your control, work through your problems, and persevere.

Whining and complaining never solves anything.

2. Express gratitude – show appreciation to the people in your life, especially your parents and spouse.

Even more important, express gratitude to your Creator and worship Allah out of true deep gratitude.

Look at the good in your life and be grateful for that.

3. Have a vision and a purpose to your life – Find a cause that you are passionate about, find a project to dedicate your time to, devote your life to a higher purpose.

We will be asked on the Last Day about our life and what we did with it.

4. Take care of yourself – spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Take care of your faith through ibadah.

Take care of your body through healthy eating, physical activity, hygiene, and dressing well. Learn emotional intelligence.

By: Shaykh Ismail Kamdar

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