Communication in relationships & marriages
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Communication in relationships & marriages

Communication is the exchange ( sending and receiving) of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium.

Communication is a transmitting and transferal processes .

You translate your thoughts into words and the listener perceives or even feels to some extent what you are trying to transmit.

Every healthy relationship requires or is built on proper communication.

Good communication is essential for every healthy relationship.

For two hearts to beat at the same pace and stay that way through out their forever, there is need to communicate .

Communication is a transfer of energy from one’s heart to the listener’s heart.

The one you talk to most often gradually becomes a part of you and there is a feeling it comes along with. How do you know the person is gradually becoming a part of you? If this frequent conversation suddenly stops, there is a feeling of emptiness that sets in.

Talk offen to your spouse. Let your partner be the one you talk most to, you will easily bond.

Communication makes relationship conflicts easily resolved. This is because an expressed feeling can easily be understood.

Talk to your partner more often.

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