Embracing Ease
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Embracing Ease

You’re allowed to make things easier for yourself.

You deserve ease where you can find it.

Ease isn’t reserved for other kinds of people. It’s for you.

Finding ease doesn’t make you lazy; it makes you kind.

There is nothing you need to do to earn more ease.

You don’t need to wait for a certain moment before you allow ease.

You can find and create ease in the tiniest of ways or big ways.

The belief you don’t deserve ease didn’t come from you.

Making things easier for yourself doesn’t harm anyone else.

You aren’t better or more valuable when you need less help.

You get to let ease find you and you get to find ease where you can.

The beautiful thing about allowing for more ease where we can is that it frees up energy to do the same for others — to offer a helping hand — to have more capacity to show up in the ways we’re wanting to — to share our gifts with the world so as to add to ease for other people in some way. When I think creating ease is selfish, I ask myself how making things harder than they need to be is contributing to anything other than the very systems living within me that say I don’t deserve it. I ask myself how not embracing ease helps anyone else, or myself. I ask myself how assuming ease is lazy contributes to this culture of individualism I say I’m against. And I ask myself to remember how cultivating more ease in my life is actually very aligned with my values, with what I believe humans deserve, and with the kind of world I want to live in.

By: Lisa Olivera

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