Being Brave Enough…
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Being Brave Enough…

Be brave enough to take off the masks you wear out there and get to know who you really are underneath.

Be vulnerable and honest enough to accept your flaws and know they are what make you human; they are what make you real.

No one is flawless.

Be confident enough to recognize and cherish your strengths.

Don’t hide or minimize them because of false humility, which is the twin brother of false pride.

Or to please someone else.

Your strengths are beautiful gifts to share with the world. Offer them with enough gratitude that keeps you sincerely humble and enough self esteem to motivate others to accept them.

Be brave enough to say to your world, “You know what, all of this is who I am. I make so many mistakes, I can be forgetful, my life somewhat messy at times, or even many times. But I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got. And of that, I’m really proud and grateful for.

Yes, I know what I overcame to get here and I’m proud of me. I’m thankful for grace and proud of what I’m becoming through it.

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