The Power of Turning OFF
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The Power of Turning OFF

When life gets busy, it’s easy to get stuck in a constant state of being “on.” Doing this, doing that. Thinking about this, thinking about that.

Problem solving, planning, preparing, fixing, creating, redoing, and so on. It can feel like there is no end to it all – just a constant stream of to-dos and responsibilities.

There’s something simple that I think a lot of us forget is an option when we are stuck in that state of being “on.” We can power down, and turn our switch to “off” for just a moment. Not forever, and not permanently. Just for a little while, so we can have time to cool down, recharge, and reboot.

I invite you to ask yourself today: What do I need to do to let my brain and body know that it is okay to slow down? What would support me in turning off, even just for a moment?

You could try:

Taking a few deep breaths

Going on a walk outside

Petting your cat

Listening to Quran

Closing your eyes and just sitting for a moment or two

Doing a few minutes of Tapping:

Creating a night-time routine

Bedtime can be a perfect time for a nighttime ritual of sending love to the world and finding gratitude for your day.

At the end of the day, as the sweet, dark stillness of night beckons us to lay down and rest, we find ourselves at a clear transition point: Behind us lies the previous day and all that has come before; ahead of us, dawn heralds the unfolding of all that is yet to be. While many of us have morning rituals that connect us with our center and help us to set intentions, we may want to explore the magic and power of nighttime ritual as well. It holds for us a beautiful chance for self-appreciation and blessing.

Before you go to bed each night, you can send gratitude to The Almighty and compassion to yourself.

Though simple, this action honors the journey you have taken thus far, while opening you to the wonderful possibilities still ahead. When you consciously engage with your own evolution this way, you may find that your sleep gets sweeter, filling your night with a deeper sense of trust and relaxation. As you rest, you can surrender to these peaceful hours, knowing that the road behind you has been seen and acknowledged with respect and kindness, while the path ahead now holds your own benevolence and well wishes.

This bedtime ritual empowers you as the only one who can determine the meaning of your own past and the hopefulness of your future. By setting this special time aside each night, you can begin to orient yourself on your path of growing. It allows you to let the past have its place, to trust that the future is taken care of, and to simply rest yourself in the graceful arms of the present moment.

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