Naming & Reclaiming
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Naming & Reclaiming

A writing exercise to help you tune into the anxious part of yourself and establish a healthy, loving, and supportive relationship with it.

Begin by giving your anxiety a name. For example, Scared Little One, Anxious Annie, or simply address it as “Dear Anxiety.” Now, respond to the following prompts as if you’re speaking directly to your anxiety. It’s best to write out your answers, letting both your conscious and subconscious mind speak freely, without censure.

You make sense to me because…
This prompt is about validating your experience.

Some examples:

“You make sense to me because I was born a sensitive child.”
“You make sense to me because my parents’ divorce derailed me.”
“You make sense to me because the last few years have been over-the-top stressful.”
I’m so sorry that…
This prompt is about self-compassion, not about beating yourself up with things you feel badly about.

Some examples:

“I’m so sorry that we got sick last year and had to suffer so much.”
“I’m so sorry our world got turned upside down and then we lost our job.”
“I’m so sorry that this pandemic made us feel so scared and alone.”
I know you need…
This prompt is about tuning in to what your anxious part needs to feel better. It could be either something you need more of or less of.

Some examples:

“I know you need more attention and soothing.”
“I know you need more rest and regular meals.”
“I know you need less caffeine and less social media.”
I am committed to…
Write whatever you think would best help relieve your anxiety at this time, listing only realistic, achievable goals so you can experience progress and build self-trust.

Some examples:

“I am committed to practicing self-care as soon as I feel anxiety coming on.”
“I’m committed to practicing Self-Havening techniques a few times every day.”
“I’m committed to setting better boundaries with my boss and kids.”

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