Aligning ourselves with Allah’s Will
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Aligning ourselves with Allah’s Will

Don’t run on self-will.⁣

Run on Allah’s will. ⁣

Run on submission to Allah’s will.⁣

When you run on self-will, you feel discomfort, distressed, and turmoiled. ⁣

When you internalise that Allah has your back, that discomfort dissipates. ⁣

You know you are far from Allah when you are in a state of distress. Your inner state is an indication of your relationship with Allah. ⁣

You will get nowhere slowly if you rely on solely on yourself; your capabilities, your time, your efforts. ⁣

So whatever it is that you need right now, hand it over to Allah. ⁣

However that looks like for you. For me it’s the following:⁣

Turn off the lights. Sit on your prayer mat. Place your hand on your heart. Feel it beat. Connect to Allah internally. And talk to Him

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