Hold our Hearts
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Hold our Hearts

Nothing prepares you for the devastation of losing someone you love.
It comes all too suddenly like a giant wave crashing down, knocking you off your feet, leaving you gasping for air. It feels hard to breathe. Your world starts crumbling and
Life as you know it – is never the same again…

That persistent numbness, the aching heart and the pit in your stomach. The pain of separation cuts deep down into your soul.

The void…

Why does losing a loved one make you feel so empty… Is this intense grief going to fade over time?

To the prominent question: ‘Will I ever get over this?’
Comes the  rhetorical answer: ‘You don’t ever get over it, you just learn to live with it.’

So many questions…yet no one has adequate answers.

But that was the first mistake: Asking people.

We were looking in the wrong place to begin with. We needed to look Higher.

The story of Umm Mūsa in the Qur’an is quite beautiful.
When the mother of Mūsa had to part with her little baby,
Allah says there was a void in her heart ( _farighan_ ) –

Then Allah says: “We strengthened her heart”  ( _rabatna alaa Qalbiha_ )

رَّبَطۡنَا عَلَىٰ قَلۡبِهَا

The Arabic word _Rabatna_ translates as _to hold, tie or bind._

And how exactly did Allah hold her heart?

He ﷻ tied her heart with Imaan, strengthened her faith and held her with His Infinite Rahmah during those desperate moments.

Allah ﷻ, the Epitome of Compassion, could not see her suffering without her child, so He promised to reunite them.

A famous quote reads : “Life is about holding on and letting go.”
But really it should reading, “Life is about Holding On to Allah and letting go of everything else.”                For in order for us to truly let go, we first need to ask Him ﷻ to hold and take care of our hearts.

O Most Gracious Allah, Yaa RabbalʿĀlameen,
امسك قلوبنا
Hold our Hearts

O Most Loving Allah, Yaa Wadūd,
اربط قلوبنا
Tie our hearts

Yā Mateen , the Strengthener, Bind our hearts firm in conviction and belief like that of Umm Mūsa and keep us resolute during these challenging moments in life, especially when we need to part with our loved ones. O Most Merciful Allah, hold and comfort our hearts, for this separation is but temporary. Grant us the same promise of the mother of Mūsa and reunite us with our marhoom mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children and loved ones in the most tranquil of abodes for all Eternity.

And when we long for those who have returned to you, help us to remember that it is because our bonds are strong that we miss them dearly – the nurturing ties of kinship – Silatur Rahm, that hold us all together no matter where we may be, whether in this world or in the next realm.

Help us to honour the memory of our beloved marhoomeen and to reflect their virtue and kindness. Make us grateful for every moment that we are alive so that we may remember them constantly in Du’aa.

Help us to understand that:
“Where there is deep grief, there was once great love.”

Yaa Rabb allow us to be grateful to You for the great love that we’ve shared and do share with our loved ones and allow us to Always be grateful for Your Great Love.

Until we meet again

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