This life…
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This life…

This life is like a rose garden. There are many beautiful sights, many beautiful places to go and people to meet. However, if this life is like a rose garden, then thorns will naturally be there as well.

What are the thorns?

They are the non mahram faces, the alcohol, the singing, the dancing, all that which is haraam.


So while there are many wonderful things in this world, we must take care that no sin comes and taints us, in the same way we will protect our clothes to make sure they do not get snagged on a thorn.

Enjoy the halaal, but always be cautious, because Shaytaan is there at every step, waiting for you to make a mistake and injure yourself on a thorn.


-Hadhrat Maulana Yunus Patel (رحمه الله)✨🤍

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