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Specialized training courses available for learning institutes , organizations and co-operations. Choose from our range of personal growth & empowerment services, or request a tailored package.  More details on our signature package below.

Discovering Your Unique Voice

Discovering Your Unique Voice is a tiered and tailored voice elocution, articulation, accentuating and confidence building program exclusively for women. The unique vocal patterns, pitch, and resonance of a female voice requires specific training techniques.

Our skills in vocal training, public speaking, and professional presentation have been tried and tested for more than 20 years.

Aspects of the complete program have been used to train corporate leaders, professional public speakers, newsreaders, and numerous media personalities.

The program is conducted by an award-winning media personality and elocution specialist. Her techniques have empowered hundreds of women in identifying and harnessing the power of their true voice. As radio presenter, she has clocked in more than 10,000 hours of on-air radio programs, broadcasted internationally, through global and local community stations.

The complete program is separated into 3 stand-alone levels:

Level 1: The Confident Speaker

This course is tailored for anyone intending to become more confident in their English speaking skills, using suitable vocabulary, intonation, sincere expression, and voice modulation. We have specially designed this content for first and second language English speakers through different modules.

Learn how to articulate your opinions and express yourself with clarity and brevity through internationally accepted methodology.

This is an essential course for anyone who intends to release her true voice, in both the domestic and corporate environments.

Contact us for more information on this course and how to improve your life.

Level 2: The Public Speaker


Level 3: The Professional Speaker



Email us to register your interest 

The duration for courses can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements, based on your company or personal needs. A male trainer can be made available depending on participation dynamics.

Pricing upon request pending additional details from participants or organizers.

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