Life Purpose Coaching
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Life Purpose Coaching

Are you ready to discover your purpose? Need support in living a happier, more fulfilling life?

If you feel that you might be at a turning point in your life, are feeling ‘stuck’ in the same patterns of behaviour, feeling unfulfilled, or unsure which path to choose, then Life Purpose coaching could be especially helpful.

Through this type of coaching, you are encouraged to find ways to free yourself from old patterns and mindsets, so that you can move forward and a deeper level of fulfilment in life.


Benefits of a Life Purpose Coaching package:

  • Uncover your deep-seated purpose soul purpose
  • Identify specific dreams and life goals
  • Craft a plan to commit to consistent effort in achieving that plan, whilst making adjustments and overcoming any obstacles as necessary
  • Find a deeper level of fulfilment and happiness


This package includes:

  • My signature heart activation
  • Energy blockage release as needed
  • Three sessions (1.5 hours each) with Rayhaanah
  • Resources including a self-discovery journal and worksheets
  • Unlimited Email support for the duration of the package
  • Free annual accountability call
  • Access to maintenance sessions [enquire for details] – Maintenance sessions are a proactive way to stay on top of your coaching progress.


Life Purpose Coaching


– Sessions are not refundable.
– Please email: for details on available sessions days & times before making payment.
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