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Blossom is a range of self-paced E-learning programs designed for you to work on independently. The notes & tasks are designed to support your journey towards holistic healing & growth. Explore mind-heart techniques to release all that’s not serving you and experience emotional freedom!

[PS: The workbook options do not include consultations or coaching sessions. This can be added on as a separate charge or, contact us to design a workbook – coaching combo for you!]

The Power of Focus [Goal Setting Essentials] Workbook


The Goal Setting Workbook explores how to:

  •  Find your goal-setting persona
  •  Go with the flow
  •  Find your maximum workflow formula
  •  Dig deeper and challenge everything
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Life Balance Workbook


The Life Balance Workbook is designed to:

  • Help you review what matters to you
  • Get you to re-evaluate areas of importance
  • Unearth your aspirations
  • Discover your vision statements
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Emotional Eating 101 Workbook


The Emotional Eating 101 Workbook is designed to help you:

  • Understand what causes diet failure
  • Find out if you are an emotional eater
  • Learn about the different types of emotional eating
  • Break the cycle!
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Mindful Eating Workbook


The Mindful Eating Workbook is designed to help you:

  • Discover the benefits of mindful eating
  • Understand your own eating cycle
  • Explore the link between food and your mood
  • Nurture mindful eating habits
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Stop Self Sabotage Workbook


Learn how to stop standing in your own way this Ramadan!
Find out >>>
– Why do we sabotage ourselves?
– How to recognise self-sabotaging habits?
– How to stop self-sabotaging.

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More courses in our BLOSSOM series coming soon!

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