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The contemporary woman faces numerous challenges as she navigates through her various roles in life – that of a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a leader, a student, a teacher and many more. Always eager to give off her best in these various dimensions of life, she often forgets the essence of who she is as an individual; the composition of her authentic self.

The Art of Resonance is a unique and pioneering effort, aimed at empowering women to discover their authentic selves, through the use of positive psychology and Avant-garde healing modalities.

Through The Art of Resonance Rayhaanah Omar, a life coach and well-known media personality, has blended her passion for, and expertise, in the fields of motivational speaking, personal growth therapy and vocal communication to develop a remarkably distinctive brand of empowerment aimed at life transformation.

The Art of Resonance adopts a solutions-focused and integrative approach – blending Islamic teachings with various therapeutic modalities and psychological techniques to help empower the individual to:

  • move forward in life
  • develop a sense of self-awareness
  • set realistic goals leading to desired outcomes
  • understand personal strengths and weaknesses
  • polish the “rough edges” in life

This holistic approach means that The Art of Resonance is able to illuminate the path to inner transformation, emotional regulation and heart work, inshaAllah.

About Haafidha Rayhaanah Omar

Rayhaanah Omar is a certified NLP practitioner who specializes in emotional wellness, heart-centered coaching and faith-based counselling.

She is an award-winning radio personality who has presented more than 15 000 hours of programmes for both, community-based as well as international radio station, and has also written over 600 articles for South African publications. As a media consultant she has trained numerous professionals, corporate leaders, newsreaders and broadcasters in developing their communication skills. Through her extensive background in media, Rayhaanah has learnt and witnessed firsthand the power of sound and the dynamics of the human voice, and believes that our individual voices carry a rich tapestry of our lives. Based on this, her life coaching and emotional wellness services integrate sound therapy, vocal healing and Ruqyah Shariah to help clients resonate with their authentic selves, their identities and their values as they release the baggage which no longer reveals their true selves.

Rayhaanah has studied and lived in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia where she has actively gathered knowledge about various cultures, communication styles and value systems. Drawing on this extensive knowledge, she has formulated a unique methodology to provide life coaching guidance, shed light on culture-based communication, and encourage self-empowerment, emotional healing and confidence-building for thousands of individuals around the globe.

Having memorized the Qur’an in under a year, Rayhaanah is also passionate about mentoring other females who want to thread this blessed path.

She has also developed and facilitated hundreds of motivational programmes for different sectors of the community, including the corporate sector.

Currently her area of focus is pursuing her passion about healing modalities and in doing so, motivating her clients to discover and project the best version of themselves.

“A person can only mentor, empathise with and support others if they themselves walk in the light with spiritual integrity,” she says. “Growing up, witnessing some of my loved ones experience emotional turmoil inspired my pursuit of a career in positive psychology and therapy.”

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