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Raising Resilience

Accessible, Affordable and the next best thing to working 1:1 with me!

Welcome to my monthly coaching subscription! A safe space for you to embrace awareness, invite in reflection and embrace transformation! With a different theme each month, I will empower you to hold yourself accountable and start showing up authentically.

Raising Resilience


Each month will see us exploring a different theme, as together we explore authentic living and emotional wellness.

Affordably priced with sisterhood support, and the opportunity to grow at your own pace using tried and tested tools & techniques.

Sign up for the first month today, with no obligation to continue!

On the 1rst of each month, clients receive:

An article based on that month’s theme

A coaching tool to help you connect the monthly theme to your personal experience

A printable positive affirmation to focus on for the duration of the month

A guided mindfulness audio to help you stay focused & calm

A 30 minute 1:1 coaching session each month to support your journey & answer your specific questions [optional]

Access to a private member only WA group

Nurturing Emotional Agility, One Heartbeat at a Time! Are you ready?

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Stay Inspired

A free online platform offering regular life inspiration for women globally.

Join the WhatsApp BC group to receive a steady flow of uplifting, inspirational reminders, lessons on developing emotional agility, and updates on coaching / courses / workshops. Gain support and courage from voice notes, infographics, and coaching love notes.

To be part of this community, email:  with STAY INSPIRED in the subject line

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