Do my feelings have meanings? (May/Jun 2021 membership bundle)
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Do my feelings have meanings? (May/Jun 2021 membership bundle)


This month’s theme is a deep dive into understanding our Feelings.
Feelings are mental associations and reactions to an emotion that are personal and acquired through experience.

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that there are over 4,000 feelings listed in the English language?

Most people can easily recognize at least 500 of those, but when asked to list emotions they can only list five to ten. The emotion comes first and is universal.
What kind of feeling(s) it will then become varies enormously from person to person and from situation to situation because feelings are shaped by individual temperament and experience.

Two people can feel the same emotion but label it under different names. For example: You are in a zoo on your own and on foot, you see a lion behind bars, and your feelings may range from curiosity to admiration, or bitterness – if you believe lions should never be caged.

By understanding the meanings behind our feelings, it is our hope that we begin to understand ourselves better. Ultimately, in understanding ourselves better, we can then worship our Creator more diligently.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this month’s subscription box:

– [SELF-DISCOVERY TOOLS] (1). Feelings Wheel (2). Feelings Vocab List

– [ARTICLE]  101 Guide to Expressing your Feelings.

Learn about the benefits and techniques of self-expression, understand how self-soothing can be a powerful instrument for growth, and understand how you can communicate your feelings without being manipulative.

– [AFFIRMATIONS] A customized collection of affirmations designed to support your journey towards emotional wellbeing.

– [RESOURCES] For this two-week journey, our self-help resources include:

  1.  Self-growth exercises
  2.  Learning how to offer constructive criticism, and
  3.  A communication template

– [HEALING HEARTS]  Voice notes for each of the 14 days, sharing my personal counselling techniques, reflective exercises, journaling prompts and case study scenarios. Listen & Learn on a range of topics, including how to honour your feelings, communicate more effectively and develop healthier relationships.

– [CALENDAR CHALLENGE]  14 Days to Better Understanding your Feelings

  – [ADDITIONAL SUPPORT]  The links below are of resources that may prove helpful in your journey towards emotional wellbeing:

https://muslimmentalhealth. com/patients-families/ resource-directory/ get-help

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