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Release is a series of self-paced learning products designed by certified Life Coach Rayhaanah Omar, to help her clients nurture emotional agility, one heartbeat at a time.

Through these products, she shares tried and tested techniques, processes, and exercises that has worked for her and hundreds of her clients.

Our self-paced 7 Day Mini- E- Course consists of the following:

  • 1 email per day over the course of 7 days (notes – exercises – tasks: during this time, you will be asked to read, reflect and complete the daily assigned tasks, each day progressing in your understanding of the topic.
  • 1 voice note
  • 7 inspirational text messages for each day of the course
  • [OPTIONAL] 1 x personalised Coaching session (upon completion of ALL course content) – [at an additional discounted rate)



  • Access to your email
  • Access to the voice note function on WhatsApp
  • A journal or note-taking app

7 Day Mini-E-Course on Releasing Anxiety


The 7 Day Mini-E-Course on Releasing Anxiety explores:

  • Anxiety: healing or harmful?
  • The symptoms of anxiety
  • Responsibility in the context of healing
  • The canyon of thoughts VS actions
  • How to break free from intrusive thoughts
  • Compassionate living
  • Soul Nourishment

Ready to release your anxiety?

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More courses in our RELEASE series coming soon!

The Introvert’s Survival Guide


The Introvert’s Survival Guide e-course explores:

  •  Establishing healthy boundaries
  •  Nurturing your inner circle & nourishing your support network
  •  How to recover from draining situations
  •  Fostering self-soothing skills

Work your way through our booklet, then better understand yourself through our journal-prompt worksheets.

One moment at a time, step-by-step, self-paced. Take charge of your growth.

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