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5 Simple, Quick, Calming Practices


Our bodies tend to get battered every day, especially if we’re stressed out, not sleeping enough, and rarely prioritize rest.


Right now, you might be wondering, Yes, that’s true, but.I have zero time to rest. I have responsibilities. I’m already behind on everything and the new year only just started. 


But resting doesn’t have to be a significant part of your day. It just has to be part of it.


After all, skipping self-care can spark burnout. Which is precisely how I felt a few months ago: physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. Which is why I decided to slow down and incorporate more breaks into my day, particularly in the evening.


Even though it’s obvious now, I realized that my unsustainable pace wasn’t helping me be productive; it was only making life needlessly hard.


Maybe you, too, can take a look at your schedule and carve out small moments to rest your body (which, of course, also helps to relax your mind). During those moments, instead of scrolling social media, incorporate one or two genuinely relaxing techniques.


Here are five simple, quick, and calming practices from the new book Fuel Your Fire: 200 Ways to Instantly Beat Burnout and Reignite Your Passion by wellness coach Samantha Acton.

Print out these 2 A4 pages on paper or thin card, cut on the solid lines and fold on the dashed one and you’ll have 5 A6 cards with a mini folder to store them in.

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Stop Procrastinating and Get it Done!


Do you have a task that you’re always putting off doing and never seem to complete? Well, it’s time to sweep it up! Whether it’s a one-off or a regular task you’re avoiding, first answer the questions on page 1 below to review your motivation – and ensure it’s a task that needs to be done. Then complete page 2 to find new ways to make the task more enjoyable. Let’s see if we can’t GET IT DONE!

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Wheel of Life


Balance is personal and unique to each individual – what may be satisfying or balanced for some may be stressful or boring for others.

This exercise helps raise awareness and allows you to plan a life that is more fulfilling and closer to your definition of balance. It also helps clarify priorities for goal setting.

Balance must be assessed over time. A regular check-in (example: with this exercise) can highlight useful patterns and help you learn even more about yourself.

Tip: print out 3 – 4 copies and set a calendar reminder to review your Wheel of Life once every season / quarter.

Option 2: After printing a copy of this exercise, ask someone who knows you well to complete the scores for you (sometimes it’s helpful to see an outside perception of your life ‘balance’). Important: This must be someone you trust and whose opinion you value – and remember that others may have hidden agendas.

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