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Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts is a series of audio productions designed to uplift & support your journey to more joyful living. Using the latest counselling techniques, reflective exercises, journaling prompts, and case study scenarios, we aim to empower you as you take charge of your feelings, growth, and choices!

Illuminated Names

We cannot love someone whom we don’t know. The Names of Almighty Allah are a Divine gift through which we are invited to learn about & love our Creator. Reciting, reflecting & calling upon Him through His Divine Names form an integral part of our healing & recovery process. This sacred exchange between Him & us builds our anchor by which we can weather Life’s storms.  Heart-opening and comforting, these reflections allow you to immerse yourself in the Beauty of His Names & Attributes.

Heart Work:

Did you know that your chemistry and biology impact your thoughts, beliefs, mood, and emotions? Emotional and physical health are interwoven in what’s known as the mind-body connection. With all of these factors combined, they play a major role in influencing the quality of our lives.

These guided audios are designed to connect you to the present moment, to your body, and your emotions.

Affirm with Me:

Affirmations are brief phrases that can be used to promote self-empowerment through positive thinking.

Positive affirmations help to purify our daily thoughts.

By repeatedly vocalising our positive affirmations, we train our minds to stop over-focusing on the negatives and instead re-route our minds to see the beauty that Allah SWT has created us with, inside out.

Are you ready to use affirmations to helpful you discover your authentic self?

Our affirmation series offers tailored faith-based statements on a range of topics to support your growth and empowerment.

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