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The Art of Resonance is a unique and pioneering effort in the field of women’s empowerment. We use inspiration, positive psychology and Avant-garde healing modalities to empower you towards discovering your authentic voice, in your personal or corporate life. We use international standards to benchmark the services we deliver, assuring you of the highest quality in consulting and training advise that there is. With over two decades of experience in radio broadcasting and motivational speaking, the Art of Resonance offers private consulting and group therapy, corporate programs, and bespoke solutions in elocution, presentation skills, framing and confidence building.

Vocal Communications

Express. Engage. Empower.

Learn how to unearth your unique voice and express yourself with clarity and brevity. Empower yourself with the skills of articulation, elocution and resonance by experienced instructors in the science and art of voice.

Soul Therapy

Enrich your spiritual personal journey of self-growth; we invite you to embrace a unique concept, celebrating a vibrant fusion of heart, mind & soul, empowering your self-healing ability through visualization, affirmations, counselling, and emotional healing modalities.

Public Speaking

Harness the ability that so many aspire to achieve: Impacting on an audience through speech and presentation. We provide individualized mentorship and training for corporate leaders, managers, and individuals. With our tailored learning packages, you’re guaranteed to improve your ability to speak in front of a crowd or sell your product.

Life Coaching & Mentoring

The indispensable skill of managing the interconnection between heart and mind is lost to many. We guide you on the path to reconciling often conflicting emotions and actions to set you back on the path of your goals utilizing, amongst others, Neuro-Linguistics and Time Line Therapy through personalized coaching sessions, either face to face or via digital platforms.

Broadcasting & Media Services

Professional broadcasting that effectively reaches the intended listener requires strategic planning, broadcast segmentation tools, contemporary research methodology, and fluent creative production. With almost 2 decades of media consulting experience that involved leading a news team, providing political analysis, production of documentaries, and program planning, we are confident in providing you with exceptional service at all times. If you are a radio station that is delivering content through streaming (FM / AM ) or other online platforms, we can assist you with the following bespoke services:


Our services include:

*program strategy

*planning & production

*training newsreaders

*analysis & critique of radio programs

*voice & mic control

*interview methodology

*social media strategy

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