Beautiful Boundaries (Aug/Oct 2022 membership bundle)
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Beautiful Boundaries (Aug/Oct 2022 membership bundle)


Our freedom exists in a perceived paradox of limitations.
But to fulfil the rights of Allah SWT upon us and the rights between fellow human beings, a most powerful tool of defining these limits or boundaries must be mastered.
In this program, we learn the challenges in applying an individualist approach, compared to a completely esoteric approach, and find the balance that is taught to us through the moderate path.
Understand how to define your space, establish relationships, and maintain those that you are bound by, the Glorious Names of Allah SWT that inspire practising upon these limits and tools that will strengthen the self in remaining steadfast within our limits.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this month’s subscription box:



Beautiful Boundaries: A handbook of tools & techniques designed to help set healthy, happy, and halal limits in your life.



The 101 Series: Understanding Boundaries



Tailored affirmation practises, designed to support your journey towards managing perfectionism.



The voice notes / video clips are sometime stand-alone or supplementary tools for the program. They are each clearly labelled below, indicating the day on which the audio is part of our calendar challenge.

Day 1:  Introduction to program
Day 4: [Faith Friday] The Power of Du’a and the Value of setting Healthy Boundaries (video) >>> view here.
Daily (from Day 9 onwards): Affirmation practise
Day 11: [Faith Friday] In the Light of His Divine Names Part 1
Day 14: [Body – Mind] Centering & Grounding
Day 18: [Faith Friday] In the Light of His Divine Names Part 2
Day 23 +24: How to tap >>> watch here
Day 27: [Mindset] What to avoid when designing an Affirmation Practise (audio)
Day 30: [Body -Mind] Self-soothing Touch
Day 31: [Faith Friday] Hadith Gems – 5 Before 5
Day 34: [Discuss] Is Setting Boundaries Easier For Men Than For Women? >>> watch here.
Day 38: Conclusion to program


[Body – Mind]: noticing physical comfort
[Mindspace] A contemplative practice



A Month of Building Beautiful Boundaries:
Tips, Tools, and Techniques to support the growth you seek!

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