Overcoming Negative Self-Talk (Nov/Dec 2022 membership bundle)
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Overcoming Negative Self-Talk (Nov/Dec 2022 membership bundle)


Here’s what you can look forward to in this month’s subscription box:


[CALENDAR CHALLENGE] A month of healing our minds & hearts:

Tips, Tools, and Techniques to support the growth you seek!


[ROAD MAP]  A summary of the 6-step process used in this program.


Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: Healing The Inner Critic: A handbook of tools & techniques designed to help start quietening down & healing the inner critic.


The 101 Series: Understanding Negative Self-Talk & the Inner Critic


Tailored affirmation practises, designed to support your journey towards quietening down the inner critic.


The voice notes / video clips are sometime stand-alone or supplementary tools for the program. They are each clearly labelled below, indicating the day on which the audio or visual is part of our Calendar Challenge.

Day 1:  Introduction to program

Day 3: Find the Positive in your Negative (video) >>> watch here

Daily – from Day 5 onwards:  Morning & Evening Athkaar >>> listen here

Daily – from Day 6 onwards: Affirmation practise

Day 8: [JANNAH] Gems of Islam (part 1) (audio)

Day 9: [DISCOVER] Addressing Overwhelm: STOPP (video) >>> watch here

Day 14: [MOVE] Connecting to the body; Releasing stagnant energy (audio)

Day 15: [JANNAH] Gems of Islam (part 2) (audio)

Day 20: [BODY-MIND- HEART] 6-Step process (audio)

Day 21: [JANNAH] Gems of Islam (part 3) (audio)

Day 22: End of program / Conclusion (audio) 



  • A compilation of the Morning & Evening Prophetic Athkaar
  • How to tap >>> watch here
  • Body image and self-esteem : how are you in the sight of Allah:  >>> click here to watch 
  • The Mel Robbins High 5 Journal
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