Letting Go of Judgement (Jul/Aug 2021 membership bundle)
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Letting Go of Judgement (Jul/Aug 2021 membership bundle)


This month’s theme is an opportunity to explore the topic of Judgement: why we judge, are judged, and how to step away gracefully from what no longer serves you, for the Pleasure of Allah SWT.
While judgement helps us make sense of the world, judging others is often rooted in superficial information that we perceive as reality. This then leads to distrust, discontentment, criticism, and fear-based living.

Not the ingredients for a happy & healthy life, right?

This month, I invite you to gently notice your thoughts, practise empathy, and embrace reframing your words.
By choosing to release judgment, it is our intention that we begin to understand ourselves with increased self-respect and self-compassion. Ultimately, in understanding ourselves better, we can then worship our Creator more diligently.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this month’s subscription box:


(1). Reflective Journaling: Journal through Judgement

(2). Cultivating an Aakhirah-centered practise

[COACHING KIT]                                         

(1). A manual for Tapping on Stress, Anxiety, and Judgement

(2). 101 Series Booklet: Understanding judgement



A customized affirmation practise, designed to release resistance towards judgement release.



The voice notes are sometime stand-alone or supplementary tools for the program. They are each clearly labelled below, indicating the day on which the audio is part of our calendar challenge.

Daily: Affirmation practise

Day 1: Introduction to the program

Day 3: In the Light of His Divine Name: Al Lateef

Day 10: Cultivating an Aakhirah-centered practise

Day 12: Understanding Judgement Part 1

Day 13: Understanding Judgement Part 2

Day 14: Understanding Judgement Part 3


[CALENDAR CHALLENGE] 14 Days to Releasing Judgement.

An activity a day helps the change we want!

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