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I have been trained and certified in a range offer of psychological model and talk therapies, thus enabling me to design personalised, tailored sessions suitable to your needs.

The time-old adage: “a problem shared is a problem halved” rings true for many of us, yet we find seeking counsel and confiding in our family or friends may be especially challenging – often, we may be afraid of how they might react, or judge us.

I often hear the words “I’ve been keeping this secret for years! I’ve never told anyone.” God Willing, I am able to offer you a sanctuary of peace, free from the constraints of criticism or judgement, where you can safely explore and process your thoughts and feelings.

With Quran & Sunnah at the core of our emotional wellbeing, I’ve supported and helped clients deal with issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Confidence
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Growth
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