Let it Go
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Let it Go

Today I wanted to share with you a little ritual you can use to LET GO of negative energy you might carry with you from your day or worries that you might be holding on to.

(Pssst…This is an especially great one for those of us who are highly sensitive or empaths and are affected by the energy of others)

It’s simple… at the end of your day, before you walk in the door when you get home (or before you go into your bedroom to go to bed at night) stand in front of the door and physically brush yourself off with your hands.

Yes. You read it right.

Sweep your hands over your chest, your arms, your face, and down your legs. Give your hand a little flick as though you were flicking away sand or water off your body.

As you do this imagine you are flicking off any energy, stress or worries you are carrying with you from the day.

Imagine you are sweeping away anyone else’s energy that you might be carrying too.

You might like to speak the words (in your mind):

✨I let go of the weight of my day. I clear away any stagnation or unhelpful energy. I step into my home (or bedroom) feeling light and at peace.✨

Try it and see how you feel. I hope this serves you well.

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