Moving Forward
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Moving Forward

In the course of Life’s journey, we’ve learnt that part of MOVING FORWARD & SELF-GROWTH, is in learning from our mistakes.

But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it?


What we do need to check in on often, is whether or not these past mistakes are CATALYSTS for GROWTH, or, if they are actually weighing us down, preventing that growth or flourishing.

A classic example:
If your first attempt at riding a bicycle left you with a skinned or bruised knee and you thought: “Oh well, I can’t ride a bicycle.” – Which might well have been true at that moment (!)
But instead, you said to yourself: “Maybe I just need to give it some time and keep trying.”

Then what happens?
You eventually – amidst the yelps and skids and falls – do learn to ride that bicycle.

Imagine if you were caught up by that first bicycle fall? Imagine if that negative self-talk held you back from the milestone, joy, and experience, of riding a bicycle all by yourself?

That would be a pity – and just so unfair.

So, what are you stumbling over today & now?

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