Common Negative Habits That Are More Harmful Than You Realize
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Common Negative Habits That Are More Harmful Than You Realize

Everyone has a good understanding of which habits are good and which are not. However, some bad habits are much worse than you might realize.


When you understand how damaging many common negative habits really are, you’ll be more motivated to make a positive change to your behavior. A bad habit is generally more damaging than a good habit is helpful.


See how eliminating a negative habit will often be of greater benefit than instilling a positive habit:

Too little sleep. Failing to sleep enough causes a whole host of problems, from decreased motor functioning, decreased memory, poor decision making, greater risk for heart attacks, and decreased longevity. That’s just for starters. Your body needs regular and sufficient sleep.


Debt spending. Using debt to purchase consumer items is common, but that doesn’t mean that it’s intelligent. In fact, it’s detrimental to your financial health. And, if you have enough financial stress, it’s also bad for your mind and body. Save up your money to buy the things you really want, spend in charity, and invest.


Procrastinating. Waiting until the last minute to do something can potentially cause a lot of challenges. There’s always the risk of being late with a task, not doing your best work or even adequate work due to a lack of time, or not having everything you need to complete a task. Starting early allows you to deal with unseen obstacles. Waiting too long to get started requires that everything go perfectly.


Gossiping. Talking about others is rude and potentially problematic. Others don’t trust those that gossip. You might say something about someone that gets back to them. You develop a bad reputation. You also waste your valuable time.


Negative thinking. Negative thoughts lead to a distorted view of the world that makes life much more challenging. Consider reframing and checking in regularly on common words or phrases that you use: you’ll be surprised at how many of these do not serve us well!


Bad habits can be more damaging than you realize. A bad habit is similar to loading rocks in your backpack while climbing up a hill. Focus on eliminating bad habits before building positive habits. Those bad habits are holding you back!


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